Best Fashion Trends and Looks For Summer 2018

The summers are officially here and its finally time to put back your winter clothing in the away shelf. This would mean restocking your closet with the best fashion trends for 2018. The arrival of spring is more than an invite for you to rearrange your closet again but for those of you who have been a little late to the party, now is the perfect opportunity to revamp your wardrobe again with the colors of the summer. In this post we will look at some of the major fashion trends and look that will be big in 2018:

1. Pastels:

Pastels are summer friendly and accentuate your look if you wear them right. Expect different shades of pastels this summer from fashion houses like Chanel, Hermes, Tom Ford etc. No matter if you are an edgy or a classy lady, there are a number of ways to make pastels work for you. The secret to wearing the colors is keeping it neutral. They are already gracing their presence at major fashion walkways in Paris, Mila, New York and London. With a plethora of options to go from in the segment, there is always a pastel for you that will feel right in your skin.

2. Rainbows:

If designers have been flaunting their pastels to the world, they also have been promoting the rainbow trend that has slowly been shimmering to life at different walkways. What makes it so cheery is the fact that there are no rules to multi-colour rainbow wearing. Make it right with some colourful hairbands and light accessories and you are gold (rainbow). Dolce and Gabana, H& M and Jeremy Scott all have some pretty interesting collections to choose from. Looking to shop for some new fashion apparels this season? Then make sure to visit Peter Alexander from OZCodes, which has exclusive deals on.

3. Checks:

One can’t really ignore checks, can they? They are almost everywhere and a timeless classic that captivates the imagination of designers all over the world. Aside from the traditional aspect of checks, designers and fashion houses are coming up with various aspects of checks in their collection with Burberry incorporating its classic check print in almost everything from rain coats to gleaming short dresses. Checks are a have in any lady’s closet and there’s no better time to flaunt them than the bright summer sunshine. Topshop, H & M and Boohoo have some interesting collections to choose from.

4. Denims:

Denims are an essential never dying trend that are a must have in every wardrobe. One may think that there may not be much to flaunt with a denim but designers have been known to lead us right smack into it with their new showcases. This summer is bound to be no different for those of you flaunting the Denims. Think of covering yourself with Denims from head to toe. Rampways this time showcased collection like Elizabeth and James, Y/Project. Oscar de la Renta even featured paint stained denim jeans and skirt.

5. Asymmetry:

Nothing speaks free quite like an asymmetrical top on hot summer days. Asymmetrical looks can add panache to your look and give you that edgy wild look that is sure to make you a standout in any crowd. We aren’t just talking about asymmetrical one shoulder top but also asymmetrical designs incorporated in tank tops, hem full sleeves sweaters. There are a multitude of options to choose from in this segment ranging from Vince Camuto, Sejour and Vici.

6. Embrace the eighties:

Well, an alluring sense of fashion means stepping out of one’s comfort zone and trying something that’s never been out of touch since 3 decades now. We are of course talking about the eighties fashion, a time of the boxy blouses, puff sleeved jackets and slouching boots. The eighties was a time of experimentation and the era did manage to develop noteworthy styles that laid the very foundation of today’s era. This time around, designers revived the culture with some 80’s collection of their own and needless to say, they did turn out to be noteworthy of a second look. Add some suave to your wardrobe collection with some 80’s fashion this summertime.

7. Ruffles:

Ruffles have a feminine elegance to them and this summer dazzle yourself with one. Now Ruffles have been a topic of debate amongst modern fashionistas, some of who can’t just stand them and for some, it is an opportunity to shine out in the crowd. Now despite the endless debate, you would still find designers taking every bit of chance to incorporate them in their designs. Some of these come with off shoulder lines, others covering sleeves and hemlines, Now, one may consider the occasions of wearing Ruffles but there are many. From a dazzling holiday destination to a first date or even a charity and even formal functions. There are many options to choose from with collections from Kohls, Lane Bryant and Boohoo.

So, there we have the best fashion trends and looks for 2018. Be sure to check them all out.

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