Best Power Tower For Home Use 2017 – Reviews And More

Best Power Tower For Home Use

We’ve all got different needs when it comes to staying in good shape…

Some of us want to lose weight while others want to pack on lean muscle.

Whatever your requirements, whether you want to shed muscle, build or tone it, a power tower is a great way to get a no-nonsense workout that counts.

This is not a piece of kit for your home gym that’s worth buying unless you are undertaking a proper fitness routine. It’s not like a rowing machine, you need to be ready to put some work in to creating different routines.


What exactly is a power tower?

What Is A Power Tower?

A power tower is also known as a body weight station. This is because when using one of these towers, you harness your own body weight in order to exercise your upper torso and abs along with other important muscles.

Although these towers come in many shapes and sizes, they are generally tall and narrow with an upper pull-up bar connecting the two sides.

To look at, a power tower is something like an inverted table.

You have a pair of handgrips and two armrests to make your workout comfortable.

You’ll be able to use these to perform dips and knee raises along with a range of other exercises to target your core with a fully customizable session.

Why Use One?

Best Power Tower

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There are many reasons why a power tower is a neat addition to your home gym.

Core Stability

If you want to isolate and tone your midsection nicely, using a power tower is a smart training move.

Developing a strong core goes beyond the way you look. A stable core helps you in every movement.

With a honed midsection, you’ll be more stable and better balanced. Not only will you be more agile but you’ll be less prone to injury into the bargain.

Toning and Conditioning

If you use a power tower daily or on alternate days, you can really tone up your abs along with your upper body.

Watch for a dramatic improvement in muscle tone and your overall strength if you put in the hard work on a power tower.

By harnessing your full body weight to work out against, you can really ramp up your training if you want maximum conditioning effects.


Whatever your gender, size or fitness level, a power tower has something to offer everyone who is comfortable working out using their own bodyweight.

You can perform a very wide range of exercises so if you want to move your bodyweight exercises off the floor and really hit it hard, a power tower works well in many situations.

Help With Weight Loss

With a power tower, you can build muscle. This can help you in terms of weight loss.

Muscle will burn more calories than fat. If you regularly make use of a power tower, you can give your metabolism a boost and, alongside a proper diet, help to keep your weight in check.


The tall but slim dimensions of a power tower means it makes few demands on space.

There’s no excuse about a lack of room for gym equipment…

You can drop a power tower into any small unused space with no problem.

Spot Training

The flexibility of a power tower makes working out selected muscle groups a breeze.

If you have an injury like a torn rotator cuff or you need any other form of spot training, power towers let you laser in on certain areas for the purpose of therapy or highly tweaked workouts.

Power Tower: Safety

It’s smart to be well informed about how to safely use a power tower as part of your training program.

  • Take your time to study the exercises you’ll carry out. Take things slowly when you work out. Pay close attention to form. If you rush, you’re likely to tear a muscle and you’ll end up with disappointing results
  • Check carefully for the weight requirement of your machine. Each power tower caters for different weights so make sure all intended users of your machine fall in line with the weight limit. This will help you avoid injury or damage to the machine
  • Go for a level surface. Slipping or sliding when you are working out is bad news so make sure everything is nicely lined up
  • Get things assembled properly. If putting equipment together is not your forte, call in some assistance

Some Starter Exercises With The Power Tower

You have a huge range of choice for exercises using your own body weight.


You can use the dip bar to target both your triceps and your upper chest.

Hold on to the bars with your thumbs inside. Keep your arms fully extended and your feet off the ground.

Bend your arms slowly as you lower your body. Make sure you keep your elbows at your sides at all times.

As you get to the bottom, push the handles and straighten up your arms as you return to the top.

Aim for between 3 and 5 sets of at least 10 reps.

You can use a stool or chair to help you if you can’t manage a full dip.

Hanging Leg Raises

If you want to blast your abs, go for some hanging leg raises using either the pull-up or dip bar.

With your arms straight, raise your legs to a 90 degree angle. You should be in the shape of an L.

With your feet together, simply hold this position for anywhere from 15-60 seconds.

Try for 3 sets of 5 reps as a good starting baseline.

Bending your legs at the knee is a great way to make things easier if you struggle with full raises.


We’ll now take a look at 5 of the best power tower reviews 2017.

Take your workout to the next level!

5 Best Power Tower Reviews

1. Weider Power Tower

First up is a budget Olympic-width tower from Weider.

The padded grips for your hands on the pull-up and push-up stations take the sting out of working out.

The independent bench can be used for inclines, declines or left flat so it’s a truly versatile piece of equipment.

Although it’s a cheap tower, the Weider is durable and should last a long time with little maintenance required.

Whether you are looking to spot train or build up muscle, the Weider Power Tower lets you do leg lifts, bends, crunches and all the other exercises you might want for a head-to-toe conditioning experience.

Finished in a sturdy, stable steel, you’ll get no rocking as you put yourself through your body-weight routine.

For an affordable, flexible power tower, the Weider is worth further investigation.


  • Olympic width
  • Adjustable safety spotters and uprights for security
  • Conveniently store weights on the tower
  • Bench is good for incline, flat or declined positioning
  • Solid and built to last


  • Slightly bulky to use in cramped spaces
  • Some users claim that some parts are missing

2. Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Another industry standard tower next, the 1690 from the market-leading Stamina.

You can go for push-ups, pull-ups, dips and more with this utilitarian tower finished in a tough steel.

It’s light but surprisingly sturdy so you can work out hard without worrying about stability. Check the weight limits carefully as some users on the outside threshold of the suggested weight range have noted some rocking and wobbling.

With no-slip end caps and comfy grips, you can work out without pain or any concerns about safety.

If you want to give your core a thorough working over without breaking the bank, check out the 1690 from Stamina. It’s a solid power tower well worth the investment.


  • Compact so great for smaller rooms
  • Tough steel is rugged and durable
  • Full range of exercises from push-ups and pull-ups to dips and crunches: complete flexibility
  • Grips are comfy and safe to use
  • Lightweight but very sturdy


  • Some taller or heavier users experience some wobbling under heavy use
  • Slightly cramped for pull-ups with proper form

3. Body Champ Power Tower, Dark Gray/Black

Another big name in the fitness equipment industry, Body Champ offer a very reasonably priced power tower in a stealth gray or black.

With 5 workout stations, you can really take your training up a notch with this ultra-efficient tower.

Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to do some strength training, this multi-station apparatus will deliver what you are looking for.

The steel tubing is extremely stable so you can focus on your form and program not trying to stay safe and upright.

If you are after a strong upper body and well-maintained core, this machine will be a great addition to your arsenal. With the pull-up bar, you can target your shoulders, back and chest.

If you know what you’re doing when it comes to working against the weight of your own body, this tower should be on your shortlist.

You’re getting a piece of equipment from a reputable brand at a very reasonable price so if you want to workout without needing a bank loan, check out the Body Champ.


  • 5 workstations for total flexibility
  • Great value for money
  • Sleek design finished in faux-leather
  • Forearm pads designed to lessen strain on rotator cuffs
  • Ideal for upper body and core
  • Stable and durable


  • Can be lacking for inexperienced athletes

4. Bowflex BodyTower

Bowflex produce high-end exercise equipment for the home and the professional gym. Although this tower is not cheap, you are paying for the heritage of a highly reputable brand.

The multi-stationed tower means you need never get bored with the same workouts and can really vary your routine while never losing any intensity.

From the standard pull-ups and sit-ups through to squats, planks and raises, take full advantage of a total body workout with the Bowflex.

The straps provided mean you will enjoy extra stability while opening new opportunities for different exercises.

This power tower is good for users up to 300 pounds so most bases will be covered.

If you have a little more to spend and you want a power tower that will truly deliver, look no further than the Bowflex.


  • Multi-station tower for real versatility
  • Perform 20+ exercises to blitz your core and upper torso
  • Finished in commercial-grade steel so highly stable
  • Sling straps make working out safer and helps to expand your repertoire
  • Excellent for heavy users supporting up to 300 pounds
  • Perfect for all fitness levels


  • Expensive

5. XMark Power Tower with Dip Station and Pull Up Bar XM-4434

We will finish up today with a reasonably priced tower from XMark which comes with both a dip station and pull-up bar.

Finished in14-gauge steel with a scratch-resistant powder coating, the XMark looks good while being built to endure.

The back cushion is highly padded meaning you can work out in comfort. It’s a double-stitched Duraguard vinyl that will stand up to regular washing and heavy use without letting you down or wearing through.

There’s a vertical knee-raise station, a pull-up bar, a pair of dip handles and a sit-up station so you’ve got everything in place for a complete workout.

It’s an extremely good power tower for larger users with weights up to 350 pounds presenting no problem at all.

If you want a solid, functional power tower at a surprisingly low price point, check out the XMark.


  • Sturdy with great build quality
  • Striking design
  • Multi-station tower with huge potential for different routines
  • Comfortable and cushioned finish
  • Skid-resistant rubber feet to protect floors
  • Great for heavy users of up to 350 pounds


  • Not cheap but great value overall


Working out using your own body weight is a highly effective method of training.

Supplementing that with a simple piece of equipment like a power tower lets you take your training to the next level.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about these wonderful pieces of equipment. We’re always happy to help.


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