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best weight bench for home

Working out at home is something that more and more people are favoring these days.

With so many of us leading insanely busy lives, time is often too precious to spend trekking back and forth from the gym.

A weight bench is one of the first pieces of equipment you should target when setting up a home gym.

Weight benches can be used for a wide variety of exercises. Working out the chest immediately springs to mind when you hear about weight benches. You can also put in some great work on your back, triceps and abs.

If you want the best weight bench for your home then you need something reliable. Remember that the equipment needs to support the weight you are lifting as well as your body weight. Make sure that the kit you are targeting can stably handle the load you will require.

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What Is A Weight Bench?

best weight bench for home

Weight benches are a vital component of any gym, be it commercial or in your home.

Flat benches have their place but there is no substitute for an adjustable weight bench.

If you want the most rounded and complete workout then the type you can adjust is the solution.

You use a weight bench in tandem with other gym equipment like dumb bells, bar bells and cages.

When you are looking for a weight bench for your home, it’s sensible to look for the optimum blend of comfort, safety and price for your budget.

Why Use One?

In a word, variety.

If you have a top quality bench along with some free weights, you have a vast array of options when it comes to a vigorous home workout.

Dedicated weight machines have their place in a proper gym but at home it’s best to opt for the flexibility offered by an adjustable weight bench.

You can target the chest with a variation of the press and fly. With a bench, though, you can also perform a range of routines to hone your abs and you’ll put your back and shoulders through their paces fuss-free.

Weight benches also help with form. How you carry out your routine is just as important and how often and how hard you train. Attempting some lifting freeform leads to a reduction in form which can cause injury. With the support of a bench you can push yourself to your limits risk-free.

How To Use A Weight Bench

The good news here is that it’s remarkably simple.

Clearly, you’ll need some weights first. With a bar bells, a dumb bell and the correct weight plates, you’re good to go.

Some people prefer to wear gloves when lifting while others sidestep these completely. Do as you prefer.

Simply settle back on the bench which is adjusted according to what workout you have lined up.

With certain routines you will want someone to spot you and keep an eye out for your safety. For the most part you’ll be fine to work out solo.

Hit the weights and be sure to push yourself without overdoing it.

The only limitation to the range of exercises at your disposal is your imagination.

What To Look For

When you’re looking to buy a weight bench, price is a factor but not the only factor.

We present here a simple run-down of 6 things to consider before making your purchase. It always pays to do your research properly before deciding on which product to buy.


The adjustable benches that we feature here will come equipped with several positions to choose from when you are working out.

Planning and research is always worthwhile. Have a long, hard think about just what exercises you plan to do on your bench. This will give you a clear indication of the best weight bench for your specific needs.

If you are looking to hammer your whole upper body and target all muscles then you’ll need wider options. Sometimes, just 3 or 4 inclines might be enough for your requirements.

Be honest with yourself and you can get the best kit for the job.


How much weight you will be lifting is a key question when it comes to safety.

If you know that straight off the bat you’ll be lifting heavy weights, forget all about anything with a lighter capacity. It will not only be unfit for purpose but could cause damage.

Think about the weight of you and anyone else who will use the bench in addition to the weights themselves.

If you plan to undertake some simple toning with light weights then, obviously, you can take a look at some of the lower-end equipment which does not cater to such heavy lifting.


We’re talking about your size here, specifically your height.

Many users over 6 feet tall report issues sourcing the best adjustable weight bench. Some can seem rather short and prohibit easy movement when training.

If you have used a bench at the gym which feels right then measure this up and choose with this in mind.

Do You Need A Decline?

Not every utility bench will provide a decline position.

It’s possible to buy a decline-only bench so if you already have one you can overlook this feature entirely.

If your regime includes lots of exercises where a decline would be beneficial, focus on this when assembling your shortlist.


People differ when it comes to the importance of how a piece of equipment looks.

If the bench will go in the garage and form part of a rough and ready area which is driven by function rather than design, looks are really not that important.

Some users will want to assemble a home gym that looks attractive while it serves it role.

Design is subjective so ask yourself whether this element counts and see what looks best to you.


Price is always a mitigating factor in any purchase. Only you know how much spare cash you have set aside for your weight bench.

Unless money is absolutely no object, it’s senseless to lash out four figures on something that will only occasionally see the light of day.

If, on the other hand, you are a committed athlete with a sustained workout schedule, you’ll want consider more than just the price tag and examine overall value for money. How much you use the equipment will influence this thought process.

In general, you get what you pay for. This does not mean you’ll be forced to shell out too much. Weight benches are not unreasonably priced. Just be realistic about your expectations if you opt for a budget model. If you have advanced needs then spend in line with this.


If you want to find out all about the best weight bench for home, have a look at the reviews of 5 products well worth investing in.

Top 5 Best Weight Bench Reviews

1. Ironmaster Heavy Duty Adjustable Weight Bench

Super Bench Adjustable weight

If you are looking for a handy one-stop shop for your home workouts, this weght bench from Ironmaster is both heavy duty and sleek.

It’s a very durable bench which can accommodate some serious weight. If you plan to lift some serious weights in a number of positions then this model will suit your needs admirably.

You can choose from 11 different angles up to 85 degrees. You can pick up a decline bench press attachment at a reasonable cost to expand your horizons still further.

The frame is made from rugged steel with chrome components. Durable padded vinyl means that you can work out in comfort.

The ultra-modern design has one long backrest with a seat attaching separately. It’s minimalist in form while delivering maximum results.

Aside from needing to attach the feet, this unit is pretty much pre-assembled so you can get it out of the box and start making use of it in no time.

There is a limited 10-year warranty which suggests you can buy in complete confidence. Few manufacturers offer long guarantees if they foresee problems!


  • Extremely durable and rugged
  • 11 positions from 0-85 degrees
  • ​Foot lever to make adjustments
  • ​Comfy, removable seat
  • ​Huge 1000 pound weight capacity
  • Striking design
  • Wide range of attachments available separately


  • No wheels which can make moving it awkward
  • Attachments upgrades can work out expensive
  • Sit-up attachment not provided

2. PowerBlock Sport Bench

Sport Bench

Next up is another completely adjustable bench from PowerBlock which is a little cheaper than the Ironmaster at the expense of some functionality and weight capacity.

It’s another streamlined machine which looks as attractive as its budget price tag.

5 different positions are available spanning from flat to military. In between these positions, you can select angles of 30, 45 or 60 degrees.

The seat is simple to adjust and you won’t slip off when you are lifting. There is only a small gap between the backrest and the seat which adds to the comfort levels.

Since it’s pretty low profile at just 16 inches, you can plant your feet firmly on the floor as you lift.

The foam cushions are comfortable and built to last.

The total weight capacity is a respectable 550 pounds so think about what weights you use and decide if this fits the bill.

If you want a reasonably priced weight bench that will safely accommodate mid-range lifting and offers a comfy workout, the PowerBlock Sport bench repays looking into.

For those with the aim of lifting some heavy iron it might be worth checking out some of the more advanced benches.


  • Seamless assembly
  • Respectable 550 pounds weight capacity
  • Optional dip attachment
  • Clean, simple design
  • Foam padding
  • Wheels attached for ease of movement
  • Supportive cushions


  • No decline position available
  • Some users report wobbling
  • A number of stability issues when lifting heavy weights

3.Bowflex SelectTech 3.1 Adjustable Bench

SelectTech 3.1 Adjustable Bench

If you are looking to buy a weight bench from a trusted brand in the fitness industry, the SelectTech 3.1 from Bowflex could be just what you are looking for.

This is a budget-priced bench built to high standards so if funds are tight then think seriously about picking up one of these.

You’ll have 4 different workout positions at your disposal from a decline of -10 degrees through to 90 degrees. The manufacturer points out that this range of options permits over 30 separate ranges of exercises to be carried out. Other benches may have more positions but think about how much variety you need.

The heavy-duty commercial steel means that it’s a home machine built more like a serious piece of gym kit.

Take note, though, that the Bowflex has a relatively limited weight capacity of 300 pounds so assess your lifting needs honestly before deciding if this is the best adjustable weight bench for you.

Assembly takes just under an hour so it’s a bit more involved than the first two benches we looked at.

The frame has a 15 year warranty while the upholstery is covered for 1 year.

If you want a versatile and reliable bench without overspending, pop the Bowflex on your shortlist.


  • Great warranty
  • Extremely durable
  • 300 pound weight capacity
  • Easy to change angles
  • Hard-wearing upholstery which is easy to clean
  • Wheels attached for storage and moving
  • Removable leg brace great for extra stability on decline


  • Not great for those over 6 feet tall
  • Bottom seat does not adjust at all
  • Decline not steep enough
  • Limited positions for some users
  • No foldaway storage option

4. Universal 5 Position Weight Bench

5 Position Weight Bench

Next up is a great starter bench from Universal at an unbeatable price.

As with any lower-end product, there are some drawbacks but if you’re looking for an introductory bench then the Universal will deliver.

There are 5 different positions including a decline.

The bench is quite lightweight but stable. It works well on all floor surfaces with the stabilizers a nice touch.

The total load capacity is 430 pounds.

There is a 2 year warranty so you can enjoy peace of mind.

For a no-nonsense way to kickstart your training, the Universal 5 is a solid bench.


  • Price
  • Build quality
  • Stabilizers
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • 5 positions including decline


  • Assembly awkward
  • Wrenches provided poor quality
  • Instructions unclear

5. XMark Adjustable Dumb Bell Weight Bench XM-7630

To round out, XMark offer a great adjustable bench for those serious about their lifting.

This bench is great for home gyms or commercial use.

7 different angles offers you wide scope when it comes to working out.

The ergonomic design means you can hit the weights comfortably and safely. There is even some touch-up paint included to keep your bench looking fresh.

If you want an affordable commercial-grade weight bench then look closely at the XMark. It even comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Exceptional build quality
  • Enormous weight capacity of 1500 pounds
  • Bar for sit-ups
  • Easy to
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • 7 positions including decline


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Quite expensive


If you’re looking for the best adjustable weight bench then any of these options are well worth investigating.

Analyze your needs, read through these reviews and user feedback then make the best choice in line with your training needs.


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