Best Full Bodyweight Chest Workout Exercises of All Time

Along with the arms, the chest is perhaps the body part most men want to hone and bulk up.

Sure, a shredded six-pack doesn’t go amiss either but for much of the year your abs are covered up.

Your chest, though…

Whatever you are dressed in, from shorts only on the beach through to a suit at a restaurant, your chest is always in plain view.

We looked in this article at some great ways to enhance your forearms without pumping heavy iron and today we’ll show you how to hammer your chest without needing to hit the gym.

We will look today at some of the best full bodyweight chest exercises to help you achieve your goals.

Why Full Bodyweight Exercises?

Many people mistakenly believe that the only path to a large and defined chest is to lift some serious weights.

With some well-chosen fully bodyweight exercises, you can maintain your routine wherever you are in the world and all without needing any equipment.

This type of workout helps with flexibility and will give you gains in terms of strength and overall health.

Without the limitations of a machine, you can tweak your training to keep on pushing yourself as you become fitter and stronger.

You can improve your balance and core strength as you work on packing on some size. Full bodyweight training is a remarkably efficient approach.

From a standard push-up through to advanced plyometric routines, imagination is your only limitation with full bodyweight exercises.

We’ll look now at some great way to laser-focus on building up your pecs…

Best Full Bodyweight Exercises For Your Chest

Push-Ups With a Twist

Source: Youtube

Pretty much every major athlete uses push-ups as part of their exercise regime.

They will target your chest along with your arms and core time devoted to push-ups is time very well spent.

Here are some handy ways to step things up and make push-ups even more challenging…

  • Wide-Grip: This tweak in stance really works the chest. By placing your hands wider apart than your shoulders, your chest will pick up more of the work than your shoulders and triceps
  • T Push-Up: This audacious push-up will work the whole body. Get into a push-up position and raise one hand directly into the air to make a T-shape with your body. Give your chest a burn while also strengthening your shoulders, back and core
  • Feet Elevated: Use a platform like a bench or box to pick up your feet when you’re in the standard push-up stance. The higher the platform, the more intense the workout
  • Diamond Grip: With thumbs and index fingers touching to form a diamond shape, hit the press-ups with this narrow and inverted grip and really ramp up the difficulty level
  • Clapping: As you are at the peak of your push-up, an explosive clap helps you to develop more power while stacking some size onto your pecs

There is an almost infinite variety at your disposal with push-ups but the above 5 modifications will really work your chest perfectly.


With the aid of a simple pull-up bar, you can really punish your chest along with your arms and core.

Source: Onnit

Pull-ups separate the men from the boys.

They really are one of the very best mass-building exercises to have in your arsenal.

Anything from a simple pull-up bar at home to the monkey bars in a playground or a proper set-up at your local gym is good enough. As long as the bar will support your full bodyweight, that’s the only job it needs to do.

Remember, although the terms are often used interchangeably, there is a significant difference between pull-ups and chin-ups…

  • Pull-Up: Hands facing away from you
  • Chin-Up: Hands facing towards you

Always start slowly with pull-ups. Don’t overestimate how tough they can be and how easy it is to strain yourself if you go over the top too quickly.

Start with single pull-ups and work up to sets as you advance.

The pull-up is hard to beat as a bodyweight exercise for the chest.


Source: YouTube

The classic plank is a great way to give your chest a solid workout with very little movement required.

Simply assume the regular push-up position and take your entire body weight on your forearms while also making high demands on your legs and core.

This full bodyweight exercise will really tax you and is worth assimilating into any routine.


If you’re already in good shape and want to max out your calisthenics, introduce some dips into the equation.

With wide-arm dips, you can really double down on strengthening your chest while using a narrow grip will laser in on your triceps.

You would normally use a dip bar but this exercise can be easily adapted to take advantage of anything you can get the proper purchase on. A couch, kitchen counter or bed can all be pressed into action for a few quick dips!


When it comes to strengthening and building your chest, bodyweight exercises are a surprisingly effective and efficient way to achieve this.

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