Are You Wearing the Right Shoes for Workout?

When it comes to working out, our feet really take a beating! Whether its running, weight lifting, HIIT workouts or squats, we make use of our strength and balance to the maximum- both of which depend highly on how our feet are positioned. Without proper foot care and shoes, you can be sure of one thing that your workout routine would break you rather than help you in anyway.

But despite everything, most of us tend to consider converse or joggers a good option for gym gear and this is the very first step to our downfall. An ill-fitting shoe causes not just physical problems but is the major source of pain and injuries. So, to save yourself time and in order to smash your fitness goals, here are a few factors that you need to consider, when it comes to the right shoes:

Type of Activity

Your choice of shoe highly depends on what sort of workout routine or activity you are going to be taking on. You can explore different type of shoes online. If you’ve no idea on where to get started, is a great resource to begin with as they’ve talked about almost all sort of shoes that have ever existed. What I really liked about Boot Bomb is that it’s run by an actual trekking fanatic, Brian, who has years of experience with footwear and outdoor gear.

To begin with, a firm sole, good grip and a shoe shape that supports the natural arch are the very first thing you should look at, as you look for proper sports wear.

If there is a particular activity that you take up two-to-three times a week, then wearing that sport-specific shoe will benefit you more. Each sort of training involves different kinds of movements and therefore, the right shoes will help you move more independently, all while making sure your feet are supported.

Right Size for Maximum Movement

There is a common misconception of buying gym trainers that are bigger than your original foot size. The right gym shoes should be a perfect fit- neither tight nor loose. Experts suggest wearing thick gym socks and then trying on gym shoes, when you go gym-shoe shopping. The socks make sure that the foot doesn’t slip, ensuring good fit and grip. The shoe should have enough room to make sure your toes can wiggle. And while you are at it, move around, get on your knees, bend the shoes to ensure they have flexibility and are not stiff, because that won’t give you good support while working out.

Support, Comfort and Protection

Properly supported feet that absorb the shock as jumps and as you work out are going to benefit your overall body- Period. Improper footwear doesn’t just affect the foot in the form of twisted ankles and Plantar Fasciitis, it gives you joint pains, back aches, poor postures and an overall decreased performance. This is why you must make sure that the footwear option you opt for as you workout, should be comfortable, supportive and fully protective of feet.

Replacing Old Shoes

If you don’t even remember the last time you got your foot size checked or the last time you bought new trainers specifically for gym, then you are amidst a health crisis. There is nothing good about being stingy when it comes to shoes. Your feet make up the 25% skeletal structure of your body which means you got to take care of them the most. When it comes to strenuous activities, your shoes won’t last longer than 20 to 25 weeks. But a quick way to judge the quality of your shoes is to examine the mid-sole- if it sinks in, then the shoe has got to go!.

The purpose of working out is to make sure your physical health soars, not sinks. The right kind of shoes will help you in performing better, which will then help you smash your fitness goals. Plus, you can always use a new pair of trainers, so when are you getting yours?

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