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How to Choose the Right Supplements For Your Fitness Goals

Whenever you’re creating a fitness plan, the nutrition program and exercise routine always come first. Once you’ve got them in place and achieve consistency in your routine, you can enhance your ability to get leaner, stronger, and bigger with a good supplementation plan. What kind of supplements you should use depends on your fitness goals. […]


5 Unexpected Ways Drinking Water Helps You Keep Fit

Drinking Water

Most people are aware that water is the building block of life. If you need proof of this then consider the fact that you can go about a month without food but only survive a week without water. However, water doesn’t just keep us alive it also has many other lesser known benefits. For instance, […]


What Does Protein Do For Your Body?

What Does Protein Do For Your Body

You are constantly told that you need adequate protein in your diet and many people wonder what does protein actually do for your body.Today, we’ll examine the role of protein in a balanced diet and see just what effects these building blocks have on your system.You need to consume plenty of protein-rich foods to keep […]


6 Best Supplements for Lean Muscle Growth and Fat Loss

Everyone has different needs and desires when it comes to staying in good shape and living well.There are also many common goals we share, though.Losing weight and stacking on some lean mass are usually near the top of any list of health and fitness aims.You need to get the basic in place before you can […]


Lose Weight and Have Fun: How Many Calories Does Masturbating Burn and Other Fun Facts

Love makes the world go round as a famous song goes…One of the very best ways to show love is through intimacy with your significant other. This could be through kissing, smooching, hugging and sex itself.We have heard time and again that showing your affection through mere hugging can make anyone feel loved, warmed and […]


Are Carbohydrates Fat Loss Friends or Foes?

“Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.” ~HippocratesWhen the Atkins diet came out, everyone suddenly turned against carbohydrates. Carbs were considered to be the sworn enemy of trying to stay in shape and were blamed for every ounce of fat on the body. Carbohydrates are at least partially to […]