6 Best Supplements for Lean Muscle Growth and Fat Loss

Everyone has different needs and desires when it comes to staying in good shape and living well.

There are also many common goals we share, though.

Losing weight and stacking on some lean mass are usually near the top of any list of health and fitness aims.

You need to get the basic in place before you can start making enhancements. Eat a sensible diet. We have plenty of ideas here when it comes to nutrition. You’ve got a good cardio routine established. Perhaps you are weight training.

How, then, can you give your efforts a helping hand?

We’ll take a look today at some of the best supplements for lean muscle growth and fat loss.

1. Multivitamins

Kicking off this list are some good, old fashioned multivitamins.

If you are training vigorously and trying to maintain a certain body weight, chances are you could be lacking in vitamins.

By starting your day with some multivitamins, you can keep yourself in check without needing to worry about vitamin deficiency. It’s best to take your vitamins in the middle of a meal. This will mean your body absorbs the nutrients as efficiently as possible.

It’s important, as with any supplement, not to exceed the recommended dose for best and safe results.

If you want a lean body ready for anything, get things rolling with some multivitamins.

2. Whey Protein

If you are looking to pack on some lean muscle, you’ll be acutely aware of the power of protein. You need protein both before and after training for optimum results.

It can be awkward to slot in meals around your workouts and this is where supplements like whey protein come fully to the fore.

Protein is essential for repairing the muscles that are torn during exercise. You’ll notice a boost in energy and metabolism as you consume more protein. An enhanced metabolism leads to a better calorie burn.

Muscles can absorb whey and put it to good use quickly and easily. You need protein synthesis for efficient muscle building.

Whey also helps with the way lean muscle mass grows. It’s a milk protein that helps with the delivery of amino acids to your muscle. So, not only will you see your performance spike but you’ll also see noticeable gains.

Whether you want to stack on some lean muscle or lose weight, whey protein is a highly effective supplement for both needs. Take 1g for each pound of bodyweight to stop muscles breaking down and to promote lean muscle growth.

3. Creatine

An organic acid, creatine is a kind of emergency power source for your muscles when you are working out intensively.

If you are familiar with the feeling of that bar just not wanting to move as you give everything you’ve got to one final rep…

Well, you could perhaps use the boost that creatine provides.

The body produces creatine in very small amounts. 1-2g of this derivative of an amino acid are made daily. 2g or so are excreted after the creatine breaks down into creatinine.

Creatine can also be found in some foods like red meat.

If you think of creatine as a kind of reserve generator for your energy stores, consistent use can help you to nail workouts that would otherwise have left you whistling.

The short-term gains in mass you will make using creatine are mainly caused by creatine encouraging water retention. Creatine is hydroscopic.

If you keep going with cycles of creatine, though, you can help your body along the way with protein synthesis and you can definitely see tangible benefits in terms of lean muscle growth.

This eight-week Canadian study shows that IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) increased by over 20% in creatine users who also performed regular resistance training. IGF-1 is known to produce anabolic effects.

Stick to no more than 3 grams of creatine daily and you should be perfectly safe.

4. Glutamine

L-glutamine is an amino acid that occurs readily and abundantly in your body.

If you want to stop muscles breakdown, lessen soreness and give natural growth hormone production a helping hand, why not try some glutamine?

Glutamine can increase your strength and endurance allowing you to work out harder and for longer.

The more lean mass you have, the more rapidly your body will be able to burn fat. With glutamine, it’s a win-win. You’ll improve your whole immune system by taking this valuable supplement helping you to recover from your workout in no time.

Taking 5 grams up to 3 times daily will give you a significant leg-up when it comes to packing on some lean muscle, burning through fat and generally staying in great shape.

5. Branched Chain Amino Acids

Do you work out and experience both fatigue and soreness in your muscles but still find yourself frustrated not losing enough fat?

If so, trying some BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) might be the answer.

BCAAs contain 3 amino acids:

  1. Leucine
  2. Valine
  3. Isoleucine

These amino acids help to encourage protein synthesis and also maintain your protein metabolism at the correct level.

Taking BCAAs both before and after training can strongly reduce incidents of muscle soreness while also lessening the amount of muscle damage. Branched chain amino acids are also great for stimulating fat burning, assist with fatigue and also with muscle recovery.

Take up to 10g between your main meals and then both before and after your workout.

6. Green Tea Extract

We will round out our look at the best supplements with green tea extract, a great way to aid weight loss alongside a sound eating plan and adequate exercise.

Green tea is absolutely packed with antioxidants.

GTE has caffeine which can give your metabolism a prod and improve weight loss.

As with all of these supplements, green tea is not a magic potion to make you thinner. Losing weight and sticking to an ideal weight is something that takes time, effort and needs you to eat well and train regularly.


We hope you’ve found this look at the best supplements for lean muscle growth and fat loss useful.

Please reach out if you have any queries with anything related to health and fitness. We are here to help in any way we can.

Now enjoy your workout and make sure to find the best supplements to gel with your own training and eating plan.

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