How to Build Your Lower Back With These Easy Exercises

How to Build Your Lower Back

Our body functions at its best when all our body muscles perform in sync with one another.

As important as it is to work out all major muscles groups, training our lower back muscles is equally as important.

Having a strong lower back is necessary as it helps you to avoid back pain and other back problems. According to one study, almost 80% of people suffer from back pain at least once in their lifetime. A strong lower back can help you fight against this.

Back pain is often caused when you have weak abdominal muscles or slack pelvic muscles.

We all pay close attention to our abdominal muscles, training them with a variety of exercises. But most people don’t give as much regard to their lower back muscles.

Our lower back supports the majority of our body. Because of this, this part of our body gets injured easily. To avoid back pain and injuries in your lower back you need to strengthen your lower back muscles.

There are some practical exercises and workout routines out there that will help prevent injuries in your lower back and strengthen it.

The first step to a healthy lower back is a healthy lifestyle. You need to reduce the number of hours you spent seated. Take regular walks daily and go swimming or do some water exercises.

Changing your lifestyle for the better will reduce the chances of lower back pain.

Now, to make your lower back strong, there are a few exercises which are very effective for strengthening your lumbar muscles. By performing these exercises, you will be able to build a strong lower back.

Here are 5 great examples...

how to Build Your Lower Back With These Easy Exercises

1. Superman

There are many exercises out there that help you strengthen your lower back muscles.

Superman is one of the most common and effective of these workouts.

  • Lie on the ground on your stomach
  • Make sure you are comfortable and straighten out in. Make sure your head stays neutral because you do not want to crank it back
  • Stretch your legs back and ensure they stay as close together as possible
  • Raise your arms and also raise your feet as you contract your lower back. Remain in that position for 3-5 seconds
  • Lie back down again, hold for 2 seconds and repeat the contraction
  • If you find it difficult to raise your legs then contract your glutes instead. This will help you put your legs up a little bit higher

This exercise has different variations as well.

One of these has an airplane-like look as your arms come out to the side with thumbs facing up. Perform the routine as above, contract your shoulders and stay in the position for 3-5 seconds then repeat.

Perform Superman in any form and you will start to feel its effect very soon.

2. Ball Back Extension

Ball back extension is another excellent exercise to help build your lower back muscles.

To perform this exercise, you need a Swiss ball.

  • Grab the ball, put it down and place the ball right between your rib cage and pelvic area right on the stomach
  • Flex your feet backward for stability. If you are having a hard time staying in one spot you can always put your heels against the wall
  • Put your arms behind your head. Bend your head all the way down and come all the way up while contracting your back. Make sure that the ball is all the way in the middle and stabilized
  • When you contract your back coming up, make sure you hold for a second there

Perform this exercise slowly and you can do 3 to 4 sets of 12 – 15 repetitions.

3. Ball Rear Delt Raises

The next exercise is similar and also requires a ball.

Ball rear delt raises are highly effective and they help you build your lower back muscles quickly.

You can perform this exercise with or without weights.

  • Place the ball on your stomach between your rib cage and pelvic area
  • Slowly come up and do a rear delt raise raising your arms out and up all the way
  • Move your arms back to the starting position slowly and this time you are going to raise your arms in front of you in a Y-shape and bring them back down slowly

This exercise will not just engage your lower back area but it will also help in building the strength of your upper back.

Repeat from the starting position and perform 3 to 4 sets of 8 – 10 repetitions.

4. Good Mornings

Good Mornings are also a superb exercise for your lower back.

This goes beyond the basics and offers a more advanced back workout.

  • Grab a barbell and put it right in the middle of your lower back. Make sure that it is sitting right across your shoulder blades
  • Put your feet hip-width apart and then bend your knees a little
  • Maintaining that position, lean all the way forward feeling the stretch in your hamstrings and then come right back up. Make sure you tighten your hamstrings and keep your back totally flat

If you are adding more weight to the barbell, exercise caution.

Follow the steps carefully and make sure you follow proper form or you risk injury.

You can do 3 to 4 sets with 12 – 15 repetitions in each set.

5. Planks

Planking is a true classic.

Although planks are commonly part of an abdominal workout, they are also one of the best exercises for strengthening the core and lower back.

If you are not familiar with this exercise, we’ll give you some easy steps to follow.

There are different variations of the plank but the best for your lower back will be forearm to straight arm plank.

  • Get into the plank position by lying down with your elbows and toes touching the ground supporting your body weight. Keep your hands apart as it adds more intensity to the workout
  • With your back straight, stretch your core and push your arms up moving from elbows down position to palms down position making sure your shoulders stay over your wrist
  • Move back to the elbows down position

Keep repeating the exercise and do 3 to 4 sets with 6 – 7 reps in each set.


The importance of our lower back muscles cannot be underestimated.

With these 5 exercises, you can work out our lower back effectively and strengthen your core.

Make sure that you embrace a healthy lifestyle. Go to the gym, take walks, go swimming... whatever activities you enjoy.

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. A healthy back is a big relief!

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