How to Lose Weight on Pilates Reformer?

With obesity and overweight becoming a huge problem in society, weight loss becomes vital to stay healthy and stay away from diseases. Rather than going on a crash diet and put your health at risk, why not consider Pilates. The problem is that these exercise programs will bombard you with promises of a miraculous weight loss and more slender muscles. One such program is the Pilates Reformer.

While the Reformer can be helpful in transforming how your body looks, it is worth noting that the program alone will not help you shed off those unwanted fats. The program can be incorporated into another comprehensive weight loss strategy. Losing weight involves the creation of calorie deficit. You only consume less calories than you would normally burn. The Pilates Reformer can help in calorie burning. The amount of calories you will burn will depend on how long your session lasts, the intensity, your abilities, and size.

A 2005 research by the IDEA Health and Fitness Association revealed that a person can burn an average of 4 calories a minute for a beginner class and 6 to 8 calories a minute for intermediate or advanced classes. These numbers were designed for a mat class but the results can be similar for a Reformer program. This means that an hourly session will burn around 240 and 480 calories. If you want to lose one pound, you would need to burn 3,500 calories. Using the Reformer alone for weight loss will mean serious and intense workouts on your part for optimal results. reviews on best Pilates reformer machine for home use offers a look on the benefits of using the Reformer for losing weight.

Weight Loss and Pilates Reformer

Although you can use the Pilates Reformer as your sole source of exercise, you can get best results by integrating it to an overall exercise program. It is an excellent alternative for retraining the way your muscles work. When integrated with an exercise regimen, the Reformer can help in making your back stronger and develop a solid core. However, perfecting the exercises on a Reformer can be a learning process.

Start off with basic exercises for developing proper form and burning fewer calories. Use the Reformer twice or thrice a week to help develop awareness and avoid burnout. The Pilates Reformer can best be dome under the supervision of a certified Pilates professional. They can tell you when you can move forward to more advanced movements. The Reformer can help you develop strength especially when you combine it with other resistance exercises such as squats, push-ups, rows, triceps dips, and other exercises.

The Effects of the Reformer Revealed

Aside from weight loss, the Reformer can help create noticeable changes in your looks and movement. The program can help enhance flexibility in your joints giving you a full range of movement when walking and sitting. You will look taller, more confident, and fit. Here are the other ways the Reformer can help you lose weight.

  • A full body workout. Pilates is well-renowned for its impact on your core. The Reformer effectively works on the rest of your body making it more toned. Its exercises involve several muscle groups in the legs, arms, and shoulders.
  • High intensity low impact routine. A Pilates Reformer requires the use of springs, straps, and carriage making it a low impact exercise program. Because of its low impact nature, exercising on the Reformer can be done several times during the week. As a result, you can look forward to long term health benefits.
  • Improves your brain. Aside from shedding off those unwanted pounds, the Reformer can also help boost the brain. The tricky nature of the exercise can be a good way to flex and strengthen your brain muscles keeping you strong in both body and mind…
  • Great for weight loss. On its own, the Pilates Reformer will not work in shedding off pounds. You need to integrate it with a cardio-based fitness regimen and a healthy diet. The movements will help increase your heart rate and enhance your metabolism. With Reformer, you can see continuous changes in your body and will keep you from getting stuck in a fitness rut.

How Does Pilates Reformer Work?

For someone who lives a sedentary life or for a person who is very busy but not active, the Pilates Reformer will help boost the amount of calories you burn to a few calories more than what you normally shed. For example, if you normally burn 120 calories and you integrate a 300-calorie exercise routine, the total amount you will burn is 1500 calories or 25 percent more than previous prior to integrating the exercise. An increase in exercise routines will result to weight loss.

In addition, the Pilates Reformer is effective for weight loss because it can affect your overall body composition. Losing weight does not necessarily mean looking smaller. It means redistributing the weight. If you already have a toned and sculpted body, it is unlikely that you would still want to lose weight. What you would aim for is more lean muscle mass with less fat. To achieve lower muscle to fat ratio, you will need to do resistance training. You have an option to choose between bodyweight training or actual weight training which is both used in Pilates.

In Pilates Reformer, you would need to master a series of bodyweight exercises and perform endless routines using different resistance devices. Pilates Reformer utilizes large heavy springs so you will be using different levels of resistance that is designed to suit your strength level and capacity.

When your body composition changes, when you add muscles and reduce fat, it will positively affect your basal metabolic rate. Adding more muscles translates to more calories being burned at rest. Adding lean muscles to your body can contribute to weight loss.

Again, it is worth noting that for Reformer Pilates to be effective, it has to be combined with an intense exercise routine and a healthy diet. In the long run, you will become more confident with your body.

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