Does It Make A Difference If You Have Six-Pack Muscles When Dating Girls?

Men who have six-pack abs are empowered in a way.

It makes them feel equipped and manly. It boosts their confidence levels and they think that with their great abs they can pick up any girl in the place.

If a girl is looking for fun and a great-looking guy, this can be true. An eye candy boyfriend is the envy of all girls.


Is It Important To Have Ripped Abs?

The first and perhaps most important reason why a man build six-pack abs is for health purposes. A man who wants to slim down exercises every single day and eats balanced meals. A six-pack  is not easy to achieve. You need time and a lot of hard work before you can get a fully toned midsection.

According to a personal trainer, the shortest time possible for a guy to achieve six-pack abs is 6 months. From flab, you can become fab.

But it is not easy. And the road is challenging to the highest level. Only the most disciplined guy can get cut in as little as 6 months.

A person who looks after himself healthwise is very inspiring. Few guys actively promote a healthy lifestyle because man like to party hard and drink too much alcohol. A guy with six-pack abs is either an athlete or a fitness buff. Both types of people have a strong sense of healthy living and an everyday workout regimen. This is why they have great abs.

Awesome abs are achieved through a combination of working out and eating correctly. A healthy lifestyle keeps illnesses, diseases and sickness away.

If you are fit physically, your mind will follow. It is not only about looking good but feeling good, too. This explains why some guys develop six-pack abs beyond simple vanity.

Having toned muscles means a quicker metabolism. It is very likely that the person with abs is very lean. He will not have visible abs if other parts of his body are not toned. The last body part which will slim down is the stomach. If his body is chiseled, this means that the person is regularly exercising and keeping up with his diet. That is the only way he can achieve and sustain killer abs.

First Impressions Last

From afar, a guy who has a killer body looks gorgeous. In the same manner, a woman who has perfect legs and curvy proportions is perceived to be a goddess on Earth by the opposite sex. This is so because people are visual beings. They get excited at the sight of something new and beautiful.

First impressions last until the person gets to know you better and gets a grip on your personality. Two things can happen after the physical stage – acceptance of the person’s strengths and weaknesses or the guy with the six-pack abs gets dumped.

Physical Shadowing The Inside Beauty: Is It Possible?

In the movies you will often see a cute girl who is in love with the terribly obnoxious but gorgeous guy. In the end, the main actor - who is mediocre-looking but with a great personality - wins over the girl. This happens in real life, too. Some women might prefer to be with a guy who looks like a celebrity at first but, in the end, they will leave the toned guy if his personality is deficient.

In short, physical appearance is not everything, especially for a woman. Women may swoon over a man who is physically fit but if the nice physique does not come along with a winning personality, the relationship will not last long. Some ladies will want to be with a guy who is fat but heavenly-good over a guy who is good looking but crazy-bad.

While it is important to look good always and have six-pack abs, it is not the only factor for you to be able to date women and make them fall for you. Women are emotional beings. They love to talk and be cared for. Any man who can provide emotional stability, companionship, respect, care and love will be able to keep his woman regardless of whether he has a six-pack or not.

What Women Really Want

There are 4 things women look for in their partners.

While having six-pack abs is one of those 4, it is not the most important one. Possessing six-pack abs means that the guy has great genes, physically speaking. This is one of the factors.

Why does the guy have to be good looking? Of course, women want to wake up looking at a beautiful man. It makes them happy. It makes them feel alive. Also, if the relationship becomes serious, they will get married and have children. For a woman, It is preferable to mate with a man who has great physical attributes. But then again, it is not the only factor women consider in choosing their partners.

They also want someone who is financially capable. Who does not want to be with a guy who can take care of everything (or most everything) when it comes to money matters? A man become more attractive if he has a house, a car and a bank account. If he has a good position at work, that is a big plus too.

Another thing is the father factor. A lot of women love a guy who is physically attractive, can provide for the family and literally take care of their children. Add to that emotional needs being met and he is the perfect guy.

But there is no perfect guy!

Women look for the closest resemblance to the 4 factors that they can find and keep.

So, is it all about physical attraction through killer abs?

At first, maybe. But it is not the only reason.

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