5 Ways to Get Rid of Shoulder Pain During Sleep

Most people today wake up in the morning with a pain in the shoulders. Shoulder pain is almost always caused by a problem with the rotator cuff. The most common cause is the called rotator cuff tendinosis. Shoulder pain can affect a person’s sleep and sleep affects a person’s performance. So, shoulder pain indirectly affects a person’s quality of work throughout the day.

No one can sleep while sitting but that pain can’t let you lie down. It can be caused by recent sports injuries or by overuse of the rotator cuff. This pain can affect a person not only physically but also psychologically. Many live with this pain while they shouldn’t. Here’s some ways to get rid of it:

1. A Shoulder Pillow

This is the most convenient way of getting rid of that agonizing pain. Sleep is very important to everyone. A new pillow will not only keep the shoulders and the sleeping position okay but will take away the pain. There might be a little surprise for the user as any other pains caused by the sleeping posture will also be gone. There’re many pillows out there but you can get the best only after you’ve read consumer reviews (more details on vjpillow.com).

2. Maintain a Sleeping Schedule

Sticking to a sleeping schedule will not only take away the pain but will also relieve the tension and stress of the day. A consistent bedtime will also keep your body healthy by making you sleep in a fixed sleeping posture. Doing something soothing before sleeping like taking a shower and sleeping in the dark with all electronics far are also essential for a healthy sleep.

3. Take Care of Your Neck

The neck is the closest organ in the body to the shoulders. The shoulders and the neck have an impact on each other. A pain in the neck can cause a pain in the shoulders too. One must be mindful that the pain in the shoulders is in fact only in the shoulders or does it begin from the neck. If the neck is the reason then the neck should be properly taken care of.

4. Strengthen the Rhomboids

The muscles between the shoulders are called rhomboids. Rhomboids are vital for any shoulder or arm movement. They keep the shoulders back even under stress. These muscles also support any weight on the arms and keep them steady. They need to be strong to keep the shoulders straight under any circumstances. There’s proper exercises to strengthen the rhomboids and keep away the pain.

5. Play “itsy-bitsy Spider”

No one could have thought that the game played by children and the one that they played in their childhood could be so useful. Standing against the wall and slowly crawling a hand up and down the wall will exercise the shoulder and keep it healthy. If someone is bored doing it alone, there’s always a kid around to play with. The only precaution is to take care of the movement by making sure that it is slow and in range of the joint’s movement.

If none of this works or increases the pain, then the best thing to do besides searching for another article is to get to a doctor. Sometimes the pain being experienced is a side effect of something else rather than what we think about it. The doctor can better diagnose it and then properly treat the pain.

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