5 Weird But Safe Ways to Enjoy Life

Enjoying life doesn’t necessarily mean that you cause damage to your health or others around you. Some household things can also ensure fun and recreational activities! You don’t need to get out on the street or go against the law for your pleasure. Science has made ways to get high and enjoy it even if you’re under age or can’t get the stuff that you need.

The best thing about being high is that now you can think freely. You have a clear mind and you can think about anything you want.

What are these ways to experience the pleasure without trailing cops? Let’s find out:

1. Vaping

The pleasure of smoking without the tobacco and all the health damaging things is a vaporizer. These are much better than the cheap e-cigarettes you find everywhere. There’s many flavors now available too. Researches show that vaping is 95 percent safer than smoking.

Why hurt yourself then? You can have all the fun and without damaging your health. https://vapesupply.pro/best-pen is the place to find the best vape pens and other details on vaping. This is one great way of being on an ecstatic adventure without harming your health.

2. The misleading “Cloud Nine”

One of the many places the phrase “cloud nine” is used is in the showcasing of bath salt. Bath salt is a synthetic cathinone and other substances derived from it. It is available readily at stores and is often packaged as a jewelry cleaner or plant food. These salts have a stimulating effect like meth. Bath salts can be swallowed, injected or snorted for a lot of pleasure. They are also termed as “legal cocaine”.

3. The Choking Game

This could be the weirdest way to get high but it works. This is a game where you get a friend to choke you and then you choke them back. Choking cuts the oxygen supply to the brain and where it may cause serious damage to you or it can get you high. You don’t need any drugs or alcohol to score this high. Just something around your throat and a little effort and you’re high.

The choking game works wonders. When you’re permitting airflow to your lungs and eventually brain, you will experience a rush of emotions. This usually happens because of the rapid urge of the body to find a new source of oxygen for the body. While the body is looking for new sources, the cells and organs start an involuntary activity of their own. The whole body comes in a rush and gets you high.

4. Over-the-counter Drugs

There are some things that you can get from the pharmacy easily and then use them to your advantage. These include no-doze, diet pills and even cough syrup! No-doze is an over-the-counter stimulant that may be taken as is or with a bit of alcohol or meth to add more power to it. It contains a lot of caffeine so it can also be used to stay awake to work on something or to enjoy a party.

Diet pills boost metabolism and thus induce sleep. They can be used to fall asleep or to stay asleep for longer. Taking high doses of these reduce weight and keep you high for hours.

Drinking an entire bottle or two of a cough syrup or an overdose of capsules is a way to score euphoric highs. Cough syrups and capsules contain a chemical dextromethorphan or DXM which when taken in a large amount causes euphoria.

5. Poppers

Alkyl or amyl nitrites are referred as poppers. When inhaled, they can cause euphoria and dizziness. It actually relaxes the muscles and reduces the oxygen supply to the brain. Poppers are easily made at home and there’s dozens of tutorials everywhere. Instead of finding them for purchasing at the market or online, it is always better to make your own poppers.

The ingredients may be a little difficult to find, according to your taste. However, once you find the ingredients, you can make poppers at home and enjoy their high once in a while. Poppers have no impact on your nervous system except for giving it an artificial boost. When the boost is given, it becomes easier to look at the positive side of life.

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