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Best Fashion Trends and Looks For Summer 2018

The summers are officially here and its finally time to put back your winter clothing in the away shelf. This would mean restocking your closet with the best fashion trends for 2018. The arrival of spring is more than an invite for you to rearrange your closet again but for those of you who have […]


5 Weird But Safe Ways to Enjoy Life

Enjoying life doesn’t necessarily mean that you cause damage to your health or others around you. Some household things can also ensure fun and recreational activities! You don’t need to get out on the street or go against the law for your pleasure. Science has made ways to get high and enjoy it even if […]


5 Tips to Always Stay Party-Ready this Summer

With the sun heating things up this summer, its time you return the favor. All kinds of crazy parties you’re about to hit at the beach need a little consideration. Some parties are planned for months but some might just turn up in a few hours. You need to be party-ready all the time. This […]