The Dangers Of Parasites – How Do They Affect Our Health And How To Combat Them

Health is something we can never compromise with. We are always aware of basic practices to keep ourselves and our families in top shape and avoid illness. But at times, at a very microscopic level, there are invaders in our systems.

These invaders come from the food we eat, the water we drink, and the things we touch. Parasites make life hell for millions of people. The scary thing is that a majority of the affected do not know what is causing their symptoms. Let us learn more.

Common Tests For Parasites

There are certain ways to detect a parasite infection. Blood tests are the quickest and most convenient method. There are two main aims of a blood test – to directly identify parasites through microscopic inspection or to look for toxins that are related to parasite presence. Stool samples provide another way to examine the possibilities of infection. Endoscopy and other virtual scans also help in the process.

Parasites And Energy Levels

Are you suffering from low energy levels that you cannot seem to attribute to anything? We usually do not make the connection between tiredness and digestive problems but if they are happening hand in hand then it could be related. Parasites have been known to cause a slump in energy and motivation.

The parasites drain the digestive system of the nutrients that are meant for the rest of the body. They also upset the microbe balance (depleting the good microbes that aid digestion). These two are factors as the body starts to get reduced nutrition and reacts to the toxins and foreign bodies. Fatigue is a common result of this.

Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself if you suspect that a parasite infection is making you chronically tired. Do you remember having any stomach issues the last time you traveled? Is the chronic tiredness identifiable from that period? Travel is the time when we are most vulnerable to food prepared in unhygienic circumstances or contaminated water. These are where most parasite infections start. If the answer to both these questions is yes, then you need a proper medical test.

Where Do The Parasites Come From?

Many common harmful parasites thrive on carbs and sugar. So if you have a parasite infection and your diet consists of the above two then you are delivering a feast to the parasite. Contaminated water is another major source of parasites. Never drink water when you are unsure about its sourcing. At home too, take great precautions to ensure that the water is absolutely clean and parasite-free.

Fecal matter is full of parasites so if you have pets in the house, make sure that the sanitation standards are high. Be very careful with cat litter and dispose of pet stool very carefully. The living area at home needs to be very clean. Avoid bringing in shoes to where you spend the most time at home (encourage separate footwear for the house and the outdoors).

Some Useful Diet Tips

You must be aware of the connection between bad diet and parasites by now. There is a way to reverse that. Fiber is an essential part of the diet. It does not give the parasites the nutrients it needs to thrive and it also does a good clean-up job. To elaborate – fiber helps clean up your digestive system as it passes through the intestines scrubbing them in the process. It also helps regulate clean and complete bowel movements and thus helps expel many parasites that reside in the human gut.

Certain food items are also very good in expelling or killing parasites. Many of these items are prescribed as natural body cleansers, which when incorporated in your diet will help you get fit and parasite-free. Apple cider vinegar is loaded with vitamins and helps with digestion, along with having anti-parasite capabilities.

A couple to three teaspoons is recommended daily. You can also add probiotics to your diet if you suffer from parasite infection. These supplements help your count of gut microbe (the good ones) increase and that improves the digestive system.

These gut microbes also combat the parasitic protozoa or yeast present in the digestive system. Vitamin C supplements strengthen the immune system. Spices like cinnamon and ginger also have properties that help get rid of parasites. Olive oil is good for treating yeast infections.

When it comes to dealing with parasites, it is all about being informed and following certain positive practices. Do not let these unseen menaces hijack your lifestyle. Make the right choices, eat healthily and get yourself checked regularly.

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