Top 5 Hygiene Routines You Should Adopt

One of the hardest things to do today is to maintain a healthy routine. Maintaining an exercise routine, a neat home or an organic diet; everything seems so hard! But guess what, there are a few things you must always carry out in order to remain sane!

Some people are naturally obsessive about cleaning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is researched that cleaner people are prone to having a longer life and a better thought process. Think of it this way, a clogged sink or a messed up cupboard is like the thinking compartment of your brain. How can you think in such a situation?

Following is a list of habits you need to adopt instantly and you’ll feel cleaner, healthier and get time for other activities too:

1. Vacuuming Your Car

The car is one of the hardest things to vacuum. The open windows and the occasionally opening doors bring in a lot of dust. This dust goes in unreachable places and gives your car a dirty look which no one likes to sit in. You also regret taking your pet for a ride because they make a lot of mess that is impossible to clean if you don’t have the right equipment for it.

You can get rid of pet hair, dust and debris between the seats, in the vents and anywhere you see it with the latest car vacuums. If you’re looking to buy one, you can find more information on

2. Everyday Essentials

Although they may seem a bit expensive and pointless but trust me, you need them. There’s so much pollution out there attacking all exposed parts of your body. There’s also sweat that attacks all the unexposed parts of your body meaning there’s no way to save yourself from the world’s pollution. The solution: keep a few things close to you such as a deodorant to keep your armpits fresh, mouthwash to keep your breath fresh and perfume to keep everyone else fresh around you.

Investing in an electric toothbrush may be one of the essentials these days. Instead of investing in dentist appointments, bring the dentist home!

3. Daily Gardening

If you have a backyard or a front lawn, gardening or at least daily monitoring should be on your daily routine list. Of course you will not be mowing the lawn everyday but it is important to keep a daily check on the grass growth.

In case you’re growing a few fruits and vegetables, it will always be advisable to monitor their growth on a daily basis.

4. Purifying your Air

There is a great way to ensure the air you breathe in inside the house is clean and refreshing. Purified air means using an air purifier which will cleanse the surrounding air from toxins and other pollutants.

While you cannot control the air outside the house, you can always ensure the indoor living is made healthier and safer. Not only will you notice a boost in your energy, but also a naturally better resistance to viral diseases.

5. Shower Properly

Bath is a way to help you get rid of sweat and best antifungal for ringworm.
But researches have shown that if you stand in the shower for so long it washes off the necessary oils and weakens the skin. Therefore, you have to take care of yourself in the shower as showers longer than 15 minutes can cause more damage than good.

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