Training At Home: Use Wooden Equipment For A Home Gym

Use Wooden Equipment For A Home Gym

Everyone wants to be in shape and healthy. Eating the right meal will help to boost the process but exercising or hitting the gym is an essential now. Spring time and money from your already hectic schedule is a very difficult thing to do right now.

You can work out all you want and anytime you want all in the comfort of your house. You don't need to spend loads of money to hit the gym as you can easily train at home with your equipment. You can also make this equipment by yourself.

Why should You Opt for a Home Gym?

People worry about the storage and the setting up cost before making a gym at home. It is just traditional thinking that setting up a home gym is too much effort. The following are the reasons why opting for a home gym would be a better choice.

  • Use of extra storage

You can easily set up a gym in your garage or an extra room, which you don't use. This way you can have the maximum optimization of your space, and you can reap the benefits of exercising at the comfort of your home.

  • Budget friendly

The main obstacle you thi9nk about the home gym is the budget. Many of us have gym memberships which we rarely use, and instead of wasting that money you can utilize it for setting up your gym.

Buying equipment is a one-time cost which will save you money as compared to the yearly gym memberships you have and renew it again and again. Many types of equipment are the ones which you can make it yourself.

  • Time friendly

This is also a major reason for setting up your gym. Many of us have time restrained jobs which don't allow us to go to the gym at our desired hours. This can be frustrating and a deal breaker. By having a home gym, you can eliminate this possibility entirely as you can work out whenever you want with no time ticking clock around you.

What Equipment will you need?

What Equipment will you need?

The next step is to get the best equipment for your gym. This is not a difficult task as there is some equipment which you can make or assemble yourself and for others, you can make a one-time purchase. This equipment may be wooden or any other material as per your wish. Following is the list of equipment you can use for a home gym:

  • Bench: This is essential equipment for every gym. To have the maximum efficiency of the barbell sets, you need a bench. Getting a bench which has an incline and declines property would be a smart choice. You can also make a wooden bench on your own as it doesn't require many efforts and can come in handy for a long period.
  • Power Rack: This may seem like an easy to go equipment, and many people bypass to use it because they feel it can cause storage issues but it is the most important piece of gym equipment you will come across. Without a rack, you won't be able to do your leg, chest and shoulder workouts. Exercising with a rack has shown the best results for building up strength. This is the reason you need to have it in your home gym.
  • Plyometric Box: This is very easy to make and a very efficient tool for your gym. All you need is plywood, some glue and screws and you are done. You can cut the plywood by using a table saw and make six pieces out of it. Attach these pieces by glue and put screws for a better fixing and your plyometric box is ready. With this box you can do the following exercises:
  • Box jumps a popular and an easy exercise which can burn a lot of calories at once. Set a target to complete in a minute and you will see results in no time.
  • Step ups: you can start doing step ups with a slower pace and then can increase it to build your stamina. This exercise mainly works on your legs and stomach. It also builds up energy and can give you the perfect legs in no time.
  • Box squats: everyone knows the golden rule of exercising is to do as many squats as you can. Doing box squats can prove to be more effective as compared to regular squats. It may be a little difficult to do in the beginning but becomes easy with practice. You can have the perfect belly, hips, and legs by doing box squats.
  • Parallettes: This project is also very quick and easy. You can purchase it from the market, or you can make your own by PVC pipes. You can do push-ups, sit-ups, dips and many other exercises with this. For better results place it on a wooden plank to give it a certain height and strength. They are very compact in size, so you don't need to worry about any storage issues. This is a must have for a home gym.
  • Kettlebells: The unique shape of kettlebells can do wonders to improve your strength. They work on your cardio, flexibility, and endurance for you to stay fit and healthy. It is equipped with changeable weights which make it easy to work as per your capacity and also helps in easy transportation and storage.
  • Rowing Machine: This is regarded as the best equipment to improve your cardiovascular fitness. You can make it yourself by giving it a wooden base and some flexible straps with handles for smooth and efficient rowing. By setting up a rowing machine in your home, you can go easy on your pocket and also have very high muscle strength in the nick of time.
  • Suspension Straps: This is the best approach to resistance training. They can give you high core strength, stamina and most importantly muscle strength. They also give a good abs workout, and you can easily hang these suspension straps at your door jam and start working out.

With this equipment, you can easily train at home without relying on the gym and have the perfect healthy body as soon as possible. This way you can utilize your extra storage space and also save money at the same time. So don't opt for highly priced gym memberships you hardly have time for, and train at the convenience of your home.

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