5 Millenial Yoga Teachers Who Are Leading By Example

Health fitness and awareness is increasing lately with the increased in health problems around the world. Yoga is a powerful way to maintain your bodily health as well as mental peace and spiritual growth. Yoga is an active form of keeping your body in shape, and it is devoid of any instruments or equipment. The principles of yoga were originated in India; however today the whole world practices the disciplines with all the varied benefits. The practice of yoga has a bright future ahead as there are many millennial yoga instructors or teachers today. These teachers have attained a high study of these yogic disciplines and now help guide other people to find the inner peace and maintain their bodily health.

Millennial Yoga Teachers

Yoga teachers are now a respected personality, and the profession has a proper scope. The yoga as a spiritual exercise has gained support from eminent personalities all around the world. The health benefit of yoga is an attraction. Apart from that, the people are also in deep need of spiritual and mental growth, especially in the modern times where most people are troubled with work and other worldly issues.

Millennial are the trendsetters in the modern world and yoga has successfully attracted the attention of the millennial. Hence yoga has a bright future ahead of it. There have been many sincere yoga students who have learned the disciplines vividly, and now they have become young instructors or teachers. They are lenient teachers and have less strict measures. They aren’t concerned if you are wearing the proper yoga attire like a long kurti or not. They genuinely want you to experience the change in your life like they did in theirs. They have done the detailed study of yoga and are aspirants to the propagation of the disciplines more widely. The five millennial yoga teachers who are leading by example are as follows:

Samantha Moriarty, 29, New York – She is the head yoga teacher in the company, Yoga For Bad People. This is a yoga-based company that provides retreats in destinations like Brazil, Cuba, Portugal, Costa Rica and Croatia. They provide retreats to many people making the concept of yoga more affinitive. She handles many instruction sessions throughout various destinations. She focuses on the power of the environment in the impact formula of yoga. The locations for the retreats are selected keeping in mind a variety of factors about the environment. Apart from yoga, her retreats also include the rich culture of the place, food, excursions and even the nightlife. All these along with yoga practice about two times a day helps the person grow mentally as well as spiritually and physically through the yoga, she believes. She also teaches vinyasa and prenatal classes at the Yoga Vida, apart from the retreats with YFBP. She loves the physical benefits of yoga but along with it she is also impressed by the spiritual transformation of yoga, and she continues exploring it through her teachings.

Caitlyn Pascucci, 28, Burlington, VT – She is the founder of the Sangha Studio in Vermont. It is the place’s first donation-based yoga workplace. She founded the company when she was just 25 years old and has been running it for the last three years. She is the director as well as a teacher in the yoga studio. As the studio became overwhelming famous, she also opened a similar studio in a second place. Sangha’s non-profit feature makes the disciplines of yoga more accessible and affordable in Vermont. Her studio has created a robust community relation with their customer base. About the studio, she said that the concept of the programs to motivate the people and bring the practices of yoga directly to the common masses.

Jessamyn Stanley, 30, Durham, NC – This young yoga instructor is a writer of the YJ yoga journal. She has her way of making you feel positive about your body and will advocate you to upkeep the good through her yoga instructions. Her yoga instructing blogs and videos on Instagram has won awards for teaching the principles and practices of yoga to a wide audience group. She teaches a vinyasa blend of yoga that blends that involves the yin, Anusara and Jivamukti elements of yogic teachings. Apart from her online classes, she also carries out retreats and workshops from time to time. She wrote the book, ‘Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get On The Mat, Love Your Body’ in the year 2017. This book has become a reference to a vast array of yoga enthusiasts throughout the world.
Sean Haleen, 29, San Francisco – He is a highly respected yoga instructor at the Yoga Tree and focuses on the hatha disciplines. He was introduced to the realm of yoga by his mother when he was young. He suffered from a chronic eating disorder, and since then he made yoga an integral part of his life. He found out the spiritual as well as the mental benefits of yoga through his journey. Since 2008, Sean started teaching yoga on a full-time basis. He also holds many yoga-related programs and workshops in the country.

Chelsea Xeron, 29, Washington, D. – This former athlete turned her love towards the practices of yoga. She started practicing the discipline of yoga from the age of 15 and is now a professional yoga teacher. Her passion for yoga came through the deeper study of the disciplines. She works as a peak performance coach for celebrities, athletes, and companies. Her job is to use yoga and make her client get out of their high self-confidence so that they can concentrate on their profession and continue to perform well.

These five yoga teachers are from the millennial and have studied the discipline in details. They teach and instruct, to propagate the yogic culture. There are other competent millennial yoga teachers like Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan, Arielle Shipe and more. They have helped in raising the bar of yoga as a spiritual, mental and physical remedy.

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